AllGen Family

Allen G

AllGen Gaming’s very own tame gamer, Made from unwanted hardware throughout the ages, brought to life with cheat codes and at his centre sits a Mario super star making him almost invincible. The master and the mascot we have Allen G, holding the highscore for every game ever released, even has highscores on games he’s never played before.


Owner, Creator, Street Fighter 2 Champion, challenge him at your own risk, Shane is the man with the plan. A dedicated gamer and collector, the jewels of the AllGen collection are all part of his own personal collection which he has amassed through his life. When it comes to video game history, he is not just a fountain of knowledge he is almost all knowing, our very own grand master gamer, the curator of our living museum.


Shanes devoted mum, without her support AllGen Gaming would never have come to fruition. For decades she was tormented by the loading noise of the spectrum but allowed Shane to play to his heart’s content, which has lead to him bringing his dream from virtual reality right to your doorstep. Now known as Mummy AllGen, you can be sure of a big welcome when you come to visit us.


As a former ZX Spectrum Tape Magazine editor and PD library owner, Darren is a lover and conservationist of 8 bit machines, especially anything "Sinclair". Darren has been adopted by AllGen as their video and visual media producer and can often be found lurking in the retro area of a Sunday morning. Totally useless with modern day games and controllers but always happy to help gamers and will retro bore anyone mad enough to listen.


One of the AllGen original regulars, turned AllGen Jr team, Nathan is usually found glued to consoles for hours on end with his passionate style of gaming which can sometimes turn the air blue. A valued member of the team, bringing new ideas to the table, advancing the brand in new directions. A budding gaming wizard training under our grand master Shane, the level of competition is intense with Nathan slowly closing the gap.


AllGen has its own Social media guru in the form of James, another all gen regular who became part of the Jr AllGen team. A console campaign gamer challenging himself with the hardest difficulty, because easy is for noobs. Helping to set up our tournament play events as well as keep our social media up to date and bringing customer feedback to the head of the table, whist still finding time to challenge Allen G for highscores.